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November 26, 2012


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:bulletred: English

Final version of Hetaoni is ready to be released but…

It seems the Hetalia fandom has not taken the rules seriously and has broken the trust of the makers.

On 11/24/12 PianoDream made this announcent

"For now, a public release of the final version of HetaOni English Version is not truly considered.

What I mean is that:
The game is completed, fully encoded and hopefully unbugged. It's technically ready for release.

However, it appears that many, many, many people across the fandom have kept on breaking our rules of use despite the numerous warnings we gave.

The main one of them was: not ripping anything of the game. Especially images.

And yet, if you take a peek at the HetaOni tag on tumblr, you can find more than plenty of reposted screenshots of ripped CGs scenes.

So, well, here's our decision,Neoand I's decision: no public distribution for now.

So far, only a few people who I trust and know are worth it will get the final version, and then, if the fandom behaves, or at least spreads the word and swears to behave, I'll make a public download available, BUT you'll have to read terms and conditions entirely before unlocking the archive, and, if I find one single rule broken, it'll be taken down.

I now would like everyone on the fnadom to spread this word across Tumblr, Deviantart and other websites. Rules are quite simple. It was up to you to respect them and sadly the amount of uncaring weeaboos is now too high for me to not mind."

Link here to the journal…

Guys… Don't blow this chance. They worked exceptionally hard in making this and it would be sad to see that all that hard work goes down the drain because the fandom is taking for granted all of their efforts.

Please spread the word and maybe Hetalia fans can redeem themselves.


:bulletred: Español

La versión final de Hetaoni esta lista para ser lanzada pero...

Al parecer el fandom de Hetalia no han tomado las reglas seriamente y han quebrado la confianza de los creadores.

El 24/11/12 PianoDream hizo este anuncio

"Por ahora, el lanzamiento al público de la versión final de Hetaoni Versión Inglés no es realmente considerado.

Lo que quiero decir es que:
El juego ya esta completo, completamente codificado y "hopefully unbugged" (no sé muy bien que significa lo último). Técnicamente se encuentra listo para lanzarse.

Sin embargo, parece que mucha, mucha, mucha gente de todo el fandom estuvieron quebrando nuestras reglas de uso a pesar de las numerosas advertencias que hemos dado.

La principal de ellas era: no sacar nada del juego. Especialmente imágenes. E INCLUYENDO CAPTURAS DE PANTALLA.

Y sin embargo, si das un vistazo al tag de HetaOni en tumblr, puedes encontrar un montón de capturas de pantalla de escenas.

Así que, bueno, esta es nuestra decisión, la decisión de Neoand I: no distribución pública por el momento.

Hasta el momento, sólo unas pocas personas en las que confió y conozco que valen van a tener la versión final, y luego, si el fandom se comporta, o al menos divulga la noticia y jura que se comportará, voy a hacer la descarga pública, PERO ustedes tendrán que leer los términos y condiciones completamente antes de desbloquear el archivo, y, si encuentro una sola regla rota, serán tomados de baja.

Yo sé que, como todo fandom, divulgarán la noticia por Tumblr, Deviantart y otros sitios. Las reglas son fáciles. Era cuestión de ustedes respetarlas y lamentablemente la cantidad de desconsiderados "weeaboos" (?) es bastante elevada ahora que no puede no importarme."

Aquí el link al journal…

Chicos... No desperdicien esta oportunidad. Ellos han trabajo excepcionalmente duro en hacer esto y sería triste ver que todo ese trabajo duro decaiga porque el fandom de por sentado todos sus esfuerzos.

Por favor divulga la noticia y quizás los fans de Hetalia puedan redimirse.
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Jade-Walker Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really wish I could finally see the end of this game but I suppose I never will.
SATANICbeing Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student
i really wanted to play this.... damn :(
anyway it still looks AMAZING! GREAT JOB! 
please.... release the game, RELEASE THE HETALIA WITHIN YOU! ;)
Burnt-Scone-Girl Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Aw, man... That really sucks for those of ys who haven't done anything wrong :(

edit: I meant "Us"
AceTrainerJay Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Will HetaOni ever be finished...?
Dream-The-Sidekick Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Artist
Aww... I watched the episodes kyokoon64 did in 3 days and i want to know what happens next... :( i guess it makes perfect sense not to release it... But still.... I want to know so bad >.<
Well know I know why I can't download the game...
Shmarah1 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really hope you guys decide to release the end of the game. I've been waiting so long for this!! :(
HAHAILOVECOOKIES Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Okay. This both angers me and depressed me on many levels. Why?

Because they’re being fucking ridiculous. 

Honestly, what the hell do they expect? Search up any game movie and you will get screenshots. You will get gifs. You will get photo-shopped pictures. You will get fanart. That's just how it goes. 
You don't see schools shutting down because a student got suspended right? It's pretty much the same situation here, but with a different story.
The fact that I know that this thing is actually finished but they won't send it just because of a group of people who decided to share the game on the internet, is hysterical. In the bad way. I mean, they’re killing their own creation! Don’t they want to get it to stretch its way into the fandom so people will play it?
Because if they 
really thought people weren't going to break the rules, the game shouldn't have been made in the first place.

And who are they to pick favourites by giving it to friends? Sure they're friends, but those friends are also part of the fandom. And just like their friends, a lot of the fandom as well have done nothing to break the rules in any way.

I have to admit, I was literally clutching my tissue box at the anticipation for the ending, only for it to be discontinued. Okay? After finding this out, I threw that box at the fucking wall.
What am I trying to get at? They should not expect us to treat them like some almighty God and beg them for our forgiveness. They’re as much of a stranger to us as we are to them. I understand that they are the makers of the game and have the judgement to choose whether or not they release it. But how they’re doing it is just unfair to everyone who hasn't even done anything. My advice to them is to use some common sense. This is the internet we’re talking about here. If you really think everything is going to go your way or the highway, you are mistaken my friend.

I apologize if this post/rant was rather blunt and rude, but in all honesty, it had to be said, as well as had to be out of my system.

RintehHetalian Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Last time I checked they technically don't even own the game -_- they just fucking translated it so they shouldn't get bitchy about something that isn't even THEIRS either 
HAHAILOVECOOKIES Featured By Owner 10 hours ago

I heard that too, but they seemed so defensive and strict about the game, I simply figured it was theirs.

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